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oke, jadi postingan ini terinspirasi dari salah satu blog orang.. aku lupa punya siapa.. tapi lucu juga kalau kita mengungkapkan dengan gambar... hehhee..
lets go!

the age of my next birthday

oh.. gosh.. i am 21!!!! how old am i????

A place I'd like to travel

its japan at night

it is 221B baker street. place where sherlock holmes live in.

Fave food:

kind of noodle.. mie ayam.. yummy...

udang juga enakkk

terakhir cup cornnn... :p

Fave things for now:

Fave Color:

 black, grey, and blue

Place of Birth:

lihat betapa asrinya kota magelangku tercinta ini....

A nickname I had:

oke, maybe its little strange to call me : SAPI. let me explain to you guys, it's just a "honey call" for me, he is neruang, and i am "Sapi". i dont know what the reason behind this, but i like it, not that much

College major:


yeahh.. i'll be a tax officer.. person who bill your tax shelter and property

My bad habits:

some kind of short term memory loss, yes.

i have a really bad habit : wake up in the late of morning.. and beruang never like this

Things or persons i'd like:
ok, introduce them, sherlock holmes and dr. watson.

i like books too

know him, pals? yes kid si pencuri.. i love him more than sinichi kudo! 

yeahhhh.. i'm finish! so, what yours?

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