i know you know that we really know

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oh, well.. nothing special happen recently in my life. i think my life is so bored, you know. activity and routine thing would be sooooo usual and bored. yahh..

so? what the good things i must write down here??
o yeah, of course. we talking about learning now. Learn. everyone must be learn sumthing in her/his life. moreover, s/he must learn from her/his birth until die, right?. and learn about sumthing is not always from school. there is a universal college in this world called : LIFE. who everyone can get some from it. sometimes people just didnt understand, why they feel misery, feel sad, have a big problem, and got prize. they didnt know what it really mean.

for example, people didnt understand why is climate change happen now? people asking each other, why the temperature rise high. why rain didnt come yet. why storm attack many country.

why didnt they take a mirror and see trough theirselves?? aren't they didnt realize that all this mess is because of their stupidity, to take a control of nature and bring it to a mess?

enough for this climate stuff. my point is, we shouldnt learn from nature, from another people, from ancient stories, from this life, before it is too late.

so, have you learn sumthing today?

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