mengapa kamu harus iri?

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aku sering ngerasa iri, kalo pas ngeliat orang lain, terutama cewe yang punya segalanya yang aku ngga punya.

she's pretty enough, had a lot of friends everywhere, had all the brand new gadgets, could buy anything she want, lovable enough to be a popular girl in college, and had some boys who want to be her boyfriend. and the one which can kill me softly is, she is so smart.

really, at that time, i just wanna be her, even just for a while, just wanna know, how it like, how it feel to have all that i want.

of course, God create u, with our weakness and strengths. but, this is just the nature of being a human, right? want to have what other do and my self dont.

there is a proverb which describes it well, the neighbourhood's grass is always look more green then mine. isn't it?

aku sadar sepenuhnya sifat kaya gini ngga bagus buat dipelihara. thats why im trying to change those negative thoughts into a positive motivasion for me. not easy, i didnt say it'll easy. but, nobody's know before trying, huh?

so, here i am. first things first. why i feel envious? because i didnt have what those girls have. what are they?

1. beauty

hey, they have a natural beauty, and u dont. so, how could it be changed? mmm.. i dont have any suggestin but just keep ur face and body clean and health. everyone like someone who look clean and health, dont they?.

and dont forget to mix and match your blouses smartly. you'll look good if you wear something good too. good doesnt mean expensive, girl. its just ur skill to choose which blouses and trousers can match u better.

2. popular and have a lot of friends.

you dont? so, why u dont try to smile more often? it'll make you more friendly and people dont afraid to talk to you. and dont forget to always say hello first to people you meet in the street. asked how do they doing, or other.

3. smart

why she's smart?. because she studied. bcause she always learned things around her. know it, then think it, and keep it in her memories. study is not just that. u have to always develop self and minds. belajar kan dilakukan sampai mati. jangan cuman stuck aja di pendidikan formal. kuliah aja ngga bener, kalo di luar jam kuliah yang ada di pikiranmu cuman main2 terus. kapan pinternya? kalo buka internet pun malah donlod lagu atau game, buka social network, bukan buka yang berguna.

its sounds like ur mama talking to you, huh? hhaha.. maybe, but it true, mengakuinya atau tidak.

4. have all the brand new high tech gagdet.

why she had it? because she rich, have alot of money, her parents afford to buy her those things. but you dont. so, what u should do? just be patience. because semua ada masanya masing-masing. masih inget sama peribahasa "berakit-rakit kehulu berenang-renang ketepian kan?". thats you!

menabung dan belajar prihatin. menurutku itu kunci sukses seseorang. orang yang punya segalanya belum tentu sukses kan?

thats all my suggestion to my self who feel envy with someone i think higher than me. so, why you dont try it, for now and then?

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