Well, if u asked me what i most did todays, i wonder i would confuse to choose wether read comics or study is the most things.

Im in exam now, cant do anything without worrying matter to study.. But i still enjoy the day since there were a lot of comics in my room.

This march gonna be okay, though there werent siberuang by my side.. He went to Makassar 4 a month.. But it was great actually..

I can be freely going anywhere i want! And i can make my own desicion to eat lunch or not. Or even i dont take a bath in the evening.

One point i have to admit it was so difficult to me to be lonely. I was used to dinner with him, or he could pick me up anywhere i want.. But now i must take my own effort. Its not easy, though..

So,here i am. Face and struggling trough exams. Stand alone. Its alrihgt!

Welcome, March!

Just like ur original name, march came from Mars which meaning is "god of war".

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