My Name is not Khan, and im not a terrorist too

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Kemaren sebelom siberuang pergi ke Makassar, kita nge-date seharian..ini permintaannya siberuang sih... aku sih ikut aja(padahal seninnya aku kan ujian akhir). But its olrait.. because i m also wanna gave him some pretty memorries before he left.

so, we went to the cinema.. going to watch MY NAME IS KHAN. Good film actually, and this film brought the deep messages to all of us.The issues is about terrorism.. it still the main cause in the America though,,

I dont know where i have to start resuming this movie because it is spinning around my head,and i cant stop it Whole the story is touching me so deep. I even cant  mention which part of it didnt made me cry baby,,, hahha.. *blush*

so, here the summaries went on..

Rizvan Khan,who is an autis child, raised in the moslem family in India, very smart child, indeed. When he was child, he was told by her mother that,
there are only two kind or person in this world : good person who always do the good things,and bad person who always do the bad things.

Good quote, eh? so this Khan brings this concept until he grew enough.. and when his mother died,he went to America and lived with her brother. Soon, he met Mandira *cast by Kajool, she still beautiful anyway* and get married, although Mandira is Hindu and Khan is moslem, thats simply didnt matter for them. Then, the movie is going to climax. 9/11 happen in America and gave those moslem community in America get the worst consequence. Many people hate moslem and always curious with them. many terror, and intimidate did everyday. And so Rizvan Khan family. Their raising son, Sam, is being killed because of this issues.. Mandira was really shocked and going to mad with Khan, simply because he is a moslem.

Mandira then order Khan to had up the president of America, and say "My name is Khan, and im not a terrorrist". On this scene, really, its hard for you not to cry. I just imagined if i am being that Mom who lost my only son, and deeply desperated, couldnt do anything to change the situation... yeah, maybe i would act like Mandira act..

Short story short, with his kindness and sincerity, Khan brings publics of America to know the really Islam is. After all his struggle, finally He could met the president of United States, meet Mandira again, and they lived happily ever after.

Too good to be true, eh? but the messages this movie bring is so valuable. It just like describe the BIG problem of Moslem citizen in America nowadays.. so i think this movie is good enough to be placed on your watchlist anyway..

oya, dont forget that this is an Indian film. You cant watch any Indian Film without its dancing, its singing and its drama thing, rite? just enjoy it,and u'll surprise how it really entertain you!. Selamat menonton!

For this movie,i gave 4,5 stars!

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