Thanks for belledoodles for let me know about this page. Looklet.com is a page that will fit for people who deeply mad about fashion. I declare my self that im not into fashion thingy but i think mix and match some outfits is fun! It reminds me of my childhood toys, I used to called it tula tili. Maybe other places known it by different names, like Putren, or Bongkar Pasang, or Rok-Rokan. International know it as Paper Doll. Did you recognize it?

Nah, Looklet is not much different with this toy, just more real, more cool outfit, and more modern!. Simply click here and there and you could be a famous and fabulous stylish! This is my looklet I create just before this.

My idea is to create a model similar with Holly Golightly, main character on Breakfast at Tiffany's. But unfortunately i couldn't find any outfit that really close to her. For instance, her Cigarette Holder. Look carefully
Well, i think i have made a right decision. Now i'm very addicted to this page, even i use my office hour to creat a new look! hahhaha..

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