General English Course

Yes, weekend is coming! And Yes, my course was over this afternoon. So sad actually, must say goodbye to all of the course participants. They are all good friends, though came from different unit Eselon I. But we are all doing great!. Three weeks full of laugh and english and english and english. I hope, although the english course have been over, my friends and I still practicing it everyday and spread the language!

with Mr. Jason Daniels in outdoor session
with all of the class member
My best part was when we are all had games from Mr Jason Daniels, our Listening and Speaking teacher, we were all must lie one another until someone gotta guess who was not lying. Haha. I already miss 'em all. The worst thing is, I must go back to my office routinity and get bored again. But yah, that is my job so no grouching and moaning. Have a nice weekend ^^

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