You can skip this post. Sorry I can't help being soooo "ababil" in this case. 

When I was in Junior Hi School, I could not miss the number one korean series which was aired in TV local. You know what it is. Endless Love. And I was deeply in love with Won Bin, one of the most miserable character on this series. 

Just look the way he smile. so cute, huh? I didn't say he is hot, but he is too cute to be a man. Hell yeah, His smile just sooo georgeous.

The second guy I fell of with is, Vic Zhou. Yes, I am the victim of Asian Drama. When Meteor Garden was booming, I just know at once that I am deeply madly in love with him.

Likely I am fall of guys who have the most suffer scene on their cast. He love a girl who has in love with other guy which is his bestfriend. Too terrible? Yes. Thus, I love both of them for being so strong and big-heart to face their condition.

Really, I can't help being melted when I look their face,,, uggh... #melting.

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